Mar 29, 2013

Over Macho Grande

Lisa Benson, 3/28/13:
OK, so in the tower marked "politics," someone -- is he the "U.S. Senate," or is that supposed to be the name of the airport? -- is playing solitaire while "DOT Cuts" plummets helplessly towards the Earth.

So...the Senate could have ended the sequester? (Or maybe just the parts of it that are particularly painful to rural, Republican-leaning districts?) Because they have budgetary authority, instead of the House? And DOT Cuts is a self-directed thing that just happened, but could have been saved through unspecified means?

Does any of that make sense?

Or is this just Benson throwing some random imagery down on paper and hoping that people realize that she's blaming Democrats for everything -- since that is, after all, her job?

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