Nov 7, 2013

A Yellow Machine Is Falling Apart, Somewhere

V.C. Rogers, 11/6/13:

I'm hoping that this depicts some kind of famous statue near wherever Rogers cartoons, because otherwise I have no clue.


  1. Next time you don't "get" a local cartoon, try googling it. A number of people recently were injured at the NC State Fair when a ride called the Vortex \unexpectedly started up while riders were getting off of it. Rogers' use of that incident to as a metaphor for an out-of-control GOP-led general assembly is damn near perfect.

  2. Anonymous: Google what, exactly? The only words in the cartoon are "biz," "poor," "schools" and "environment." I would be very impressed if you, or anyone, could Google those and find any particular news story.

    Rogers didn't even get the word "Vortex" into the cartoon to provide any context.

  3. Right off the top of my head: "north carolina injured" =,0,7107809.story

    Why do you bother critiquing local cartoons, anyway? Even the good ones are frequently nonsensical to non-local readers.

  4. Anonymous: (Yes, I'm coming back to this very late -- apologies for that.)

    Rogers cartoons for something called "Independent Weekly" -- you'd have to google that first to even find out that it's published in North Carolina.

    And this cartoon doesn't say anyone was injured by anything -- it shows a weird broken machine. Rogers neglected to even use the word "Vortex" anywhere to make his reference clear.

    It's not just local -- it's pretty much incomprehensible without serious research. And it appears as part of globally aggregated editorial cartoons alongside hundreds of other cartoons, nearly all of which don't have similar problems.

    It's a nice visual metaphor -- I assume that building is the NC State House? -- but Rogers has rendered it utterly opaque to anyone who doesn't already know the story of the Vortex.


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