Jun 6, 2011

Hours of Toil and Drudgery

Terry Wise, 6/6/11:
Yes! Let's honor Sarah Palin for her tremendous work ethic! Why, she served more than half of her elected term as governor of Alaska! And it's really, really hard to go on TV and talk about things off the top of your head, too!

And don't get me started about the workload involved in reality TV -- the woman is a rock!

(And is there anyone actually saying that Palin is "stupid"? She's chronically ill-prepared, certainly, and has shown little interest in acquainting herself with actual facts, but "badly informed" isn't the same thing as "dumb.")

Update, mere moments later: I stand corrected; people are calling Palin stupid. (That may be shorthand, but it's still inappropriate.)
(Ed Hall, 6/6/11)

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