Sep 11, 2011

Step Right Up and Take a Swing!

Dick Locher, 9/10/11:
Editorial cartoonists traffic in complicated, odd metaphors, and Dick Locher is one of the long-time masters of the form.

Here we see him attempt one of the very most difficult maneuvers, depicting the "Recession" [1] as simultaneously a pinata and a bum, smiling as a blindfolded President Obama attempts to swat him with a giant dollar sign. Clearly, Locher is implicitly arguing, one cannot destroy an economic calamity with merely economic means, and trying to do so must, inevitably be futile.

What can we do, though? On this point, Locher is silent, as he must be -- he has created a Zen paradox, and the student must reach enlightenment on his own. How to end a recession without using economic levers? Exactly the same way as you clap with one hand!

[1] Note that economists are unanimous in declaring that the "Great Recession" that began in 2007 ended in 2009; this is yet another example of Locher's exciting, maverick breed of thinking.

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