Nov 18, 2011

High Noon-ish

Chuck Asay, 10/17/11:
Is Asay hinting here that the USA is planning to conquer China?

Or is he just forgetting that we've had military bases in the far east since 1898 and the end of the Spanish-American War?

Or, perhaps, is this just a knee-jerk "No way!" cartoon to a random Obama talking point?


  1. How is this not super racist? Asay couldn't be bothered to look up how written Chinese actually looks and just draws scribbles instead? What would have been wrong with just writing those words in the speech bubble

  2. I would say the point of the cartoon is that Obama will likely abandon these people like we abandoned the people of Afganistan and Iraq, who so desperately wanted us to invade and occupy their country. It works if you have deluded view of the world.


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