Jan 14, 2013

Tear the Roof Off the Sucker

Nate Beeler, 1/11/13:
Oh, no -- not again.

FX: heavy sigh.

The debt ceiling has nothing at all to do with the budget -- Congress already voted on, and passed, legislation to set both spending and revenue for this year. It has to do with paying for what Congress has already agreed to. It's purely implementation, and it's an additional step that no other major economy has, because it's entirely superfluous.

Now, if Congress wants to introduce a balanced budget this year -- either by actually raising enough revenue to pay for the things that Americans want to get from their government, or finding a way to deliver those things substantially more cheaply -- they could certainly do that. But what they're complaining about now is signing the credit card bill after having eaten dinner, which only deadbeats do.

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