Jun 23, 2013

Possibly a Warning

I've set a few posts to go live tomorrow morning, in the usual manner.

However, I'm once again posting via an iPad from a remote, undisclosed location. I did this two years ago, with a first-gen iPad, and it worked, but the images came out wonky. I tried again last year, and couldn't manage to make it work at all. (Earlier this year, during other undisclosed-location trips, I just left the blog fallow until I was back to a real computer.)

This week, I have a somewhat spiffy iPad 3, and it seems to be all working correctly. But the images may well cause trouble again.

I tell you this because I know political-cartoon readers have delicate sensibilities -- like those of other breeds of political watchers -- and are ready to react badly to the least stimulation. Please be prepared with any necessary medicine; I don't mean to induce dyspepsia unintentionally.


  1. The graphics on your recent postings aren't coming through, at least not on my version of Firefox - just checked, not on Explorer either.

    Wasn't sure if you would be able to tell from your end.

  2. Thanks for the heads-up, Anon. I think those are now fixed. However, the fix took longer than the original posting did, so the experiment is, I think, a failure. Posting images to Blogger from an iPad is still a horrible experience.

    So Editorial Explanations will probably be quiet for the next few days, until I'm back to a real computer again.


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