Jun 7, 2013

When There's No More Room in Green-Wood, The Dead Will Walk the LIE

Peter Dunlap-Shohl, 6/6/13:
Cemeteries are a finite resource which will run out very soon, not one of many uses for land or an area that can (and regularly has been) re-used or re-purposed for other things.

Also, Dunlap-Shohl draws like a drunken baboon.


  1. ...or like a cartoonist with Parkinson's.

  2. Paul: Thanks for setting me straight; I didn't intend to be an asshole, so I'll retract the "drunken baboon" comment. (My apologies to Dunlap-Shohl for inadvertently making fun of his handicap.)

    I stand by the main point, though -- cemeteries have been running out of space for thousands of years, so this is the moral equivalent of those lazy "gee, it's winter again!" cartoons a lot of folks drag out each year.

  3. As a boomer, I appreciated this cartoon. I went through what was called "split junior high school" (half of us went to school from 7 to noon and the other half from noon to 5) because earlier generations hadn't built enough schools to house us. And ever since we joined the work force later generations complained that we didn't leave room for them to get jobs at all, and then that our retirement would bankrupt Social Security. That our deaths would use up all remaining cemetery plots only follows as a matter of course.


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