Jul 8, 2013

Supreme Executive Power Must Derive From a Mandate From the Masses, Not Some Farcial Aquatic Ceremony!

Terry Wise, 7/5/13:
Yes, Wise is seriously arguing that the fundamental law of our country is based entirely on the unexamined prejudices of a bunch of rich white men (mostly slave-owners) who died two hundred years ago.

More than that, he insists that's right.

If any right-wingers want to disavow Wise, the line forms right behind the counter, there.


  1. I'm not a right-winger or American, but wasn't the Constitution written by those dudes who wished to *escape* from the unexamined prejudices of a bunch of rich white men? (Ha, the typical "feelings aren't to be trusted" ploy... those are the rich white men talking).

  2. Adina: Well, yes and no. The founders of the USA did want to break free of another government run by rich white guys, but they were all quite well-off and entirely white and male themselves.

    And it wasn't the prejudices they wanted to escape, it was the taxes imposed by a government they had no direct influence in. The general post-Revolution trend of laws in the new USA was very similar to the British model, so they didn't change their standards immediately. (Unlike the immediately following French Revolution, which did radically change the basis for laws and society.)

    This cartoon is specially a dog-whistle for conservative American Christians, as part of a long-term attempt by that end of the political spectrum to co-opt the idea of the Founders for their own contemporary political ends. (And the context here is most likely gay marriage -- the subtext is that since George Washington wouldn't have liked it, it must be bad.)


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