Jul 2, 2013

That New Cabinet Position, the Secretary of Marriage Planning

Darryl Barksdale, 7/1/13:
Yes, there's a secret White House plot to assign marriage ceremonies to particular venues -- very soon, you'll have to apply to the East Wing to have permission to get married, and then hope that you're not assigned to wed at the Fifth Church of Jesus, Auto Repairman out in Pigeon Forge.

Seriously, can no one read the text of the First Amendment anymore?

(I also note that, as always, when one door closes, another opens. Just as Chuck Asay retires, Barksdale appears to continue the grand tradition of missing the point and finding commies under every washtub.)

1 comment:

  1. His fingers are crossed while he follows the TelePrompter's instructions to lie? Does that mean he's telling the truth?


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