Apr 9, 2012

Easter Is Very Taxing This Year

Deb Milbrath, 4/6/12:
Either the woman is lying, because Bob is a filthy heathen who refuses to meet Mr. Baldy McCrosserson there (or is absent for some other embarrassing or odd reason), or Bob is hard at work on his taxes somewhere else.

Both of those scenarios don't really explain why we get to see the empty tax-preparation chair and detritus, so I'll have to throw this one open to the peanut gallery.

Hey Peanut Gallery! What do you think is going on here?


  1. Perhaps Bob is dead and his wife is deluding herself at his Easter wake, because honestly who wears a funeral black suit and a cross to a regular Easter gathering.

  2. Let's see -- she's working in the church cafeteria, where they have a big screen closed-circuit tv on the wall, with the black-and-white feed from the security camera in Bob's office. Happily, Bob has left to mail his return to the IRS, forgetting that today is Sunday. Ha, ha! The joke's on Bob!


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