Aug 15, 2012

Work Suspended

Eric Allie, 8/13/12:
Republican businessmen have been, and plan to continue, deliberately slowing the economy -- thus keeping people out of work and making all of us poorer -- because they personally dislike the current President.

And, you know, a bolder leader might take that as an opportunity to nationalize some of those unpatriotic slackers pour encourager les autres.


  1. I know you're being sarcastic about the GOP slowing the economy out of personal dislike for the president, but in point of fact, there's a reasonable argument to be made for precisely that happening. Supported in part by explicit comments made to that effect by leading Republican politicians. This isn't a fraction as over the top as much of the weirdly partisan claims emanating from the right.

  2. Jay: Editorial Explanations strives to be non-partisan (though I suspect it fails at that regularly), and aims at a tone of blistering sarcasm (also probably missed far too often).

    And one of the main things I like to do is point out when cartoonists inadvertently reveal the hidden secrets behind their own talking points, as Allie has done here.

    Personally, I think Allie is explicitly stating that business is deliberately slowing down, and harming every single American, for the benefit of the Republican party. If true, that is not unlike what some Republicans have called "treason."


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