Aug 2, 2012

You Must Be This White and Male to Vote

Tim Hartman, 8/1/12:
  • Laws don't have to be equitable -- they can benefit some groups and harm others
  • There's nothing wrong with deliberately confusing voters to discourage them or lead them to vote for a candidate they didn't choose (remember butterfly ballots? totally legal!)
  • Governments should pursue policies that are deeply unpopular with their constituents
  • If you don't spend all the time between now and November 6th making sure you can vote, you're just a dilettante who shouldn't be allowed in, anyway


  1. Wait -- which of those is the *real* argument against that cartoon?

  2. -Governments should pursue policies that are deeply unpopular with their constituents? Like healthcare, like drone killings, like green energy disasters...etc.
    -Voters are so stupid that they can't figure out how to use a piece of identification? You act as if the country is full of sad idiots who can't do anything without you helping them! Disgusting!
    -Laws don't have to be equitable? Every time we are asked be the government to prove who we are, which is constantly, it is an act of not being equitable? What world do you live in? One without any rules? Get over yourself Wheeler.
    _If you don't spend all your time...? Disgusting!! For your vote you're not willing to spend a few hours at the DMV? I can't get over your self-serving idiocy!
    -And only an idiot would make this about race! Truly a disgusting, self-serving, lazy toad!

  3. giant: Glad to see you agree so vehemently with me and Hartman; your enthusiasm is contagious.

    Why not make voting harder? How about a exam that prospective voters have to take! Or maybe a tax at the polls!


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