Oct 24, 2011

Great Minds Google Alike

If you do a Google Image search for "Pan Am 103" -- as dozens of this nation's top editorial cartoonists apparently did last week -- the very first image that comes up is this:

Now, let's compare:

Bruce Plante, 10/21/11:

Plante redraws the photo, and his caption expresses the usual American thought: the deaths of white people, particularly those from our country, are vastly more important than whatever might happen in those countries full of brown folks.

Gary Varvel, 10/21/11:
Varvel redraws the photo of the downed jet, and adds a punchline, in the form of a strained pun.

John Branch, 10/21/11:
Branch actually adds a second drawing to explicitly draw a (rather simplistic, true) parallel rather than letting it be implied.

(Be happy: I spared you all of the tedious "Gadaffi in Hell" cartoons, and all of the sad jokes about the spelling of his name.)

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