Oct 6, 2011

If Nominated, He Will Not Serve

Ed Gamble, 10/5/11:
Actually Democrats right here in my own home state of New Jersey -- which happens to be Christie's home as well -- are very disappointed today that he didn't run; they were looking forward to being able to beat up an absentee governor for the next year.

And Dems nationwide were pretty happy with Christie as well -- he's substantially to the left of everyone else (except maybe Huntsman) in the Republican race [1], which would have made him a target for all of the intra-party fighting. And do you really expect a guy as, well, calm, quiet, and level-headed as Christie wouldn't say half-a-dozen really fun things over the course of the campaign?

[1] Of course, Attilia the Hun would be considered a RINO these days, given how militant the right wing is.

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