Mar 7, 2012

Assuming Conservatives Will Pay For Anything? Hah!

Adam Zyglis, 3/6/12:
Zyglis cartoons in black and white specifically so that you can't call him a racist today.


  1. My understanding is that welfare does not exist any more? Hasn't existed for 15 years? I feel like that's the lede here. It's a bit like saying, "We have to invade Vietnam because if we don't, Hitler will conquer Europe, you dirty hippie."

  2. Martin: I don't think that's it -- and welfare still exists, to some degree, in the sense that as long as the American government gives a single penny to any poor person in any way, conservatives will call it "welfare."

    No, this is explicitly saying what a lot of people have left implicit: if you don't pay for poor women's birth control, they'll have a lot of babies that they'll dump on the public dole. And "welfare" nearly always has a racial tone in American politics.

  3. I'll buy it, but hasn't the actual rhetoric over welfare decreased too? I get that the GOP is hostile to helping the poor, but they don't use the word as often as they used to. I may be wrong about this.


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