Mar 22, 2012

They're Biting Early This Year

Scott Stantis, 3/21/12:
Pro Tip: If you want your cartoon to stand alone without a caption, it's best not to have a character standing in a prominent spot with his mouth open.


  1. It's a caption contest cartoon. You've made this mistake more than once.

    Pro Tip: Think a little.

  2. Sometimes it can be confusing. This could be a caption contest or it could be an editorial comment.

    I'm just playing, Wheeler. Love you and your straw men.

  3. Eric: Hey, I learn something every day! I'd thought those odd Stantis cartoons were Op-Ed illustrations or something like that, but, from your nudge, I investigated and found his blog at the Chicago Tribune.

    This piece makes a lot more sense as a picture to be captioned, so I withdraw my confused objection. And so we learn, once again, that context is everything, and our friendly editorial cartoon amalgamators (GoComics, Cagle, AAEC) might not be providing that.


Please remember that the purpose of Editorial Explanations is to explain and to expand knowledge, rather than to engage in any partisan bickering. All cartoonists are completely correct, in their own worlds.