Mar 4, 2012

It Hits Obama, Therefore It Is a Good Stick

Mike Lester, 3/4/12:
Note that this cartoon is dated today. Lester is possibly the only person in the entire free world -- since Rush Limbaugh has already apologized for saying the same thing -- out at the end of this particular tree branch.

And also note that the young woman in question testified 1) about a friend and fellow student, not herself, who 2) needed oral contraceptives (i.e., "the Pill") to control a real medical condition, and the lack of same caused her to lose an ovary.

At some point, you just have to say: "Mike Lester, are you really this much of an asshole? Really?"

And there's also this gem from Gary McCoy, the day before (3/3/12):
McCoy has a slight problem distinguishing between "government," on the one hand, and "private insurance," on the other. Perhaps the USA can institute a single-payer plan so that he, and those with similar problems, can be right for once?

And remember the essential lesson: any woman who wants to have sex is a whore, because only whores have sex. Good girls don't even know sex exists.

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