Mar 20, 2012

If You Want Three Opinions, Ask Two Doctors

Tom Toles, 3/19/12:
This cartoon would make sense -- this is my fervent hope -- if only we knew who "they" are. Is it Obama and his people? Is it the Republicans? Is it the public at large?

The cartoon seems to be saying it's the GOP seeking that "third opinion," but that echo of doctors and hoped-for miracle cures doesn't fit at all with their hopes for "Obamacare." Once you've got the body in the coffin, you stop asking doctors -- and they want that body in the coffin.

I suspect there might be a better, but more blasphemous, cartoon coming on this topic in a few weeks, when Easter rolls around.

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  1. Leaving out the dialogue would simplify the cartoon: a GOP hearse with an open casket waiting to receive the corpse of "Obamacare" if the Supremes invalidate it. That's enough, right?

    Dunno, but maybe the third opinion refers to the court as the third branch of Gov't? "Obamacare" was approved by Exec, and Legislative, so for its opponents the third opinion is last chance to kill it.


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