May 31, 2012

Death Race 2012

Chuck Asay, 5/30/12:
Asay is taking the bold stand against President Reagan's 1986 law that required hospitals in the US to care for all comers before worrying about payment.

And why not? Clearly, the only worthy people are the ones who can afford to pay, so we're better off letting the rest die as quickly as possible, no?


  1. Great to see Asay come around and accept ObamaCare, with its insurance mandate that will require Mr. Biker there to have his own health provider. Clearly this is what he intended to say.

  2. "EEEK!"?
    I'm a gay cartoonist, not a big hairy biker like Mr. Jerry Garcia there, but when I was in a motorcycle accident, I most certainly did not say "EEEK!"


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