May 29, 2012

My Country, Right or Wrong

Ken Catalino, 5/24/12:
I'm not sure if this was an early Memorial Day cartoon -- it was posted on Thursday -- but, even if so, one might note that Germans and Japanese would agree that the American forces that conquered their countries were, in the end, "good guys."

But one might also note that Afghanis and Iraqis -- several hundred thousand of whom have died during the wars of the last decade -- would probably not agree, and might not agree even sixty years later. It's easy to claim the moral high ground for one's own side, but much less easy to be worthy of it.

(This might also be the place to note that Memorial Day cartoons, as usual, focused almost exclusively on WWII vets -- in several cases, the cartoonists' own dead fathers -- and rarely even mentioned currently-serving troops.)

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