May 15, 2012

Hope Is the Thing With Feathers

Bill Day, 5/14/12:
That looks frighteningly like a Terry Gilliam concoction from the early days of Monty Python, so I keep expecting it to flap its wings and go terrorize some frumpy British women.

My hallucinations aside, is there any point to this cartoon? I can't even tell if it's supposed to be pro-Obama or anti.


  1. The smile shaped like the USA map is a great touch.

    I assume it's a 'pro'. I like it better than this week's New Yorker cover which has been viralized, and seems to be impressing so many.

  2. Jee Jay: I think everyone can project their own opinions on this cartoon, which is what's so gnomic about it: if you think being pro-gay-marriage is about equality and love, it looks like embracing diversity. But if you think that letting two guys get married will hasten the inevitable downfall of the republic, it looks like Obama just "gay-ified" the entire country.

    From the cartoon itself, I can't tell which side Bill Day falls on.

    (And he's done the Obama-smiles-like-the-US before, as well.)


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