Jul 9, 2012


Ann Cleaves, 7/6/12:
The only people hiring are the campaign offices (Presidential, I assume -- though assuming can be very dangerous with the oblique cartoons of Ann Cleaves), but, sadly, the only potential employees are separated from those offices by a vast chasm, at the bottom of which is the sun.

Also, there are only three potential employees: one is special, one suffers from a crushing weight of debt, and the last has something else wrong with him that Cleaves did not make clear.


  1. I love interpreting Anne Cleaves' cartoons. It's like doing a crossword puzzle in a foreign language.
    Here's my stab at this one:

    The campaigns are trying to energize voters, but the voters have turned their backs on them. The voters are too caught up in their own concerns -- unemployment, debt, and internet entertainment (the guy on the ground with an iPod).
    The chasm between the two groups is the gap between 'the real world' and 'inside the beltway'.

    So, the 'point' of the cartoon is her prediction of a disengaged electorate come November.

    Yes, I realize this interpretation requires reading the drawing from right to left, but, hey, consider the source...

  2. Her cartoons look like rough drafts for shitty cartoons she never got around to finishing.


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