Jul 2, 2012

We Passed the Bill, Then Found Out What Was In It

Bob Gorrell, 6/29/12:
Obama knew that several states would sue to overturn Obamacare, that their arguments -- entirely out of the mainstream of constitutional argument for the past hundred years -- would be surprisingly considered plausible by the courts, that the Supreme Court would come within a hair of overturning the entire law, and that Chief Justice Roberts, with one eye on his legacy and the other on the faltering image of the Court, would find a way to consider a penalty in that law a "tax" under his particular brand of constitutional interpretation, and thus allow himself to uphold it.

Obama can also foretell the future in all other ways, which is why he's been so scarily effective in everything he attempts.


  1. It was unfair of Obama to withhold from the Supreme Court justices the full text of the law under consideration! Pretty sneaky, too!

    (Of course, in the real world, the entire text was made available, and Scalia said from the bench that it would be an act of pointless masochism to read the thing. Because we all know that legislation that is long and detailed and complex probably has something hinky about it. Probably. And there shouldn't be any duties associated with being one of the 20 most powerful people in America, like reading legislation.)

  2. I guess what I'm saying is, I don't see what misrepresentation has to do with it. The full text of the law was made available to the Supreme Court. Obama's representation of the law was not relevant to the proceedings. If anyone had a problem with Obama's representation, they could just read the law and judge what it did or did not do.

    Basically this cartoon is just a stupid pun about a six-syllable word, which makes it seem smart, but it's not.


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