Jul 20, 2012


Chuck Asay, 7/19/12:
Obama has dictatorial powers; he can literally do anything he wants.

So he could fix the economy like that if he wanted to -- and he only doesn't because he's a Kenyan Marxist sleeper agent.


  1. Is Asay really complaining about Obama running a re-election campaign? He does know how politics works, right?

  2. Obama claims by implication to be unrestrained by the Constitution, and complains every time any other branch of government reminds him that he isn't -- so he has no excuse trying to dodge responsiblity for the state of the nation. Far less self-proclaimedly Unfettered Presidents have taken responsibility for their own actions.

  3. Jordan179: Absolutely -- every single other president has been humble and unassuming, claiming hardly any power or influence at all and letting Congress decide all important matters, so Obama's naked power grab is deeply surprising!

    Also, I think both Carter and Bush I were much better fiddle players than Obama is -- Carter had that backwoods Southern Charlie-Daniels-Band thing going on, and Bush I went on to be first chair at the Chicago Philharmonic.


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