May 27, 2013

Explain This Cartoon and Win a No-Prize!

Ken Catalino, 5/24/13:
Um, what?

I thought the knife-wielding guy was supposed to be Obama -- mostly because Catalino is obsessed with attacking Obama -- but that makes no sense given the caption.

Actually, it's difficult to find a single thing in this cartoon that makes sense -- for example, is the guy chasing a Tank Called Democracy? With a knife? Why? And who is he, anyway?


  1. I guess this refers to the beheading of the soldier in the UK.

    The guy with the puny knife represents the spirit of Jihad going up against tank-powered Democracy.

    Who will win? Who will win ...

  2. Jee Jay: That kinda makes sense -- thanks.

    I was reading "attack" as a verb -- as in, the UK is attacking democracy, and that wasn't very productive.

  3. Anybody else have problems with Democracy being represented by a TANK?


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