May 27, 2013

Who's the Leader of the Club?

Steve Kelley, 5/25/13:
There have been a lot of cartoons over the past week slamming Obama for claiming that every single one of the recent scandals had nothing to do with him, since he's too important and mighty to bother with trivialities. (Many of those have been decent cartoons, and goodness knows there's plenty to dig into on that front.)

Kelley goes a bit farther this time, and finally figures out what to do with those big ears -- cartoonists have been using them to caricature Obama for five years now, but they haven't meant anything until now. Kelley, though, gives us a great visual shorthand over four panels.

Apologies to anyone reading this far and expecting an explosion of sarcasm; this is actually a good, smart cartoon about real issues, with drawing that complements the writing.

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