May 2, 2013

Why Can't Gay People Stay in the Closet Where They Belong?

Scott Stantis, 5/1/13:
Tim Tebow received absolutely no attention -- and certainly no book or endorsement deals -- due to his very public identity as a Christian.

Nope, none. He's exactly as famous as a mid-rank quarterback who can't stay on a team should be.


  1. i, being christian, think of it as criticism toward the hypocrisy of the liberal press. they tout themselves as being oh so impartial and accepting; but are they, really. in MY own words

  2. Anonymous: Honey, if you think that Christians are not "accepted" in the modern USA, I have this lovely bridge that you're sure to want to buy, because you'll swallow anything.

    You also might look up Journalism 101 and the difference between a "Man Bites Dog" and a "Dog Bites Man" story. It's not newsworthy when a public figure says that he belongs to the same religion as the vast majority of his countrymen.


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