Jan 27, 2012

Flee! Flee the Horror of the Cart!

Bruce Plante, 1/26/12:
The citizens of Tulsa are quite easily frightened, and can tolerate not even the slightest deviation in their usual daily habits.

Also, they call garbage cans "carts," for their own inscrutable reasons.

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  1. When you start messing with people's garbage, folks can get pretty riled up. Especially if you try telling people to sort out the recyclables when all they want is for the trash to go away and disappear.

    In my locality, the new trash bins everybody was required to replace their old cans with were, for whatever reason, equipped with microchips. This, too, alarmed the libertarians and conspiracy theorists. http://bergetoons.blogspot.com/2010/05/trashy-racine-post-cartoon.html

    BTW, if the can has wheels, it seems perfectly natural to call it a cart.


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