Jan 26, 2012

Where Did All Those Table Lamps Come From?

Michael Ramirez, 1/25/12:
In honor of this, Editorial Explanations's gala 1000th post, we present the very first CHOOSE! YOUR! OWN! EXPLANATION!

Is it...
a) Obama has declared Congress to be permanently "out of session" and seized dictatorial power.

b) The country is in utter ruins -- The Road-level devastation and death -- due to the evil machinations of Mr. Big Ears there.


c) The rich really did make him do it -- he's a sleeper Bain Capital agent.


  1. I'd say probably b. Although really, any and all answers could be correct, ambiguous image that it is.

    I'd also like to give extra points to Mr. Ramirez for not forgetting the ever-present evidence of incompetence, the teleprompters (which Ed Gamble neglected to add).

  2. what about D. All of the above.


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