Jun 4, 2012

The Horrors of An Average Birth Ratio

Mike Lester, 6/1/12:
Sex-selective abortions don't seem to be a problem in the US, where the ratio of female births to male runs about 1.05 to 1.00, pretty much exactly the expected human norm.

But! Lester has uncovered a fiendish plot, in which feminists deliberately get pregnant and then abort their male fetuses (fetii?), in order to bring about the Coming Feminazi Dystopia that much quicker!

This pregnant woman is annoyed, because her plot has backfired, and she's left with a female fetus, which she must bring to term for the good of the cause.

(It's certainly not because Republicans are just trying to find ways to make some abortions illegal, for any reasons they can think up: last year it was a 72-hourt waiting period, this year it's no aborting female fetuses, next year it will be something like No Abortion Tuesday or outlawing any abortions that might alter the racial makeup of the local congressional district.)

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