Jun 11, 2012

Shouldn't the Elephant be Joffrey?

Ken Catalino, 6/9/12:
Yes, Democrats just can't seem to get the hang of deficit spending -- they keep trying to provide government services, and actually help out the citizens of the country, instead of enriching themselves, starting unnecessary wars, and randomly cutting taxes the way Republicans do.

Only Republicans know how to really spend into a deficit, as proven by our last President.

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  1. I had so wanted during our recall wars to draw Scott Walker, as Prince Joffrey during the recall wars! (He launched a TV ad attacking Mayor Barrett's record on crime -- the same Mayor Barrett who came to the defense of a woman being attacked with crowbar on the street and spent half a year with his hand in a cast.)

    I never drew the idea, figuring that hardly anyone would get the Game of Thrones reference. Every time I've ever made a GoT reference in conversation or on Facebook, the response has been a resounding "Huh?"


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