Jun 6, 2012

Where Stupid Complaints Go To Die

Gary Varvel, 6/5/12:
Let's take those one by one.

Osama bin Laden: check.

Jobs: Well, it's true: after the downturn, public-sector jobs have plummeted, and not come back -- as they usually did during recessions, because of government spending -- so the solution is to spend a lot of government money (which, one might add, has to be approved by the GOP-dominated House) to create those government jobs and make the numbers better.

Deficit Reduction: Well, we did have a surplus under our last Democratic president, but I suppose it's gauche to mention that. And the GOP plans to "fix" this would destroy jobs, so Varvel's putting the two of them together is disingenuous, to say the least.

Consumer Confidence: The President has a button to increase consumer confidence right on his desk in the Oval Office; only a Marxist Kenyan socialist sleeper agent Saul Alinsky puppet would fail to push it repeatedly.

Recovery: Actually, economists will say that we're in a recovery. (Unlike Europe, which has slipped back into recession after enacting the kind of austerity measures the House GOP keeps calling for.) But who cares what economists say? They're only the ones that define recoveries!

Keystone XL Pipeline: Half of it has been approved; the rest wasn't "fast-tracked," but it's still viable -- if that's "dead," then so is Medicare and Medicaid, which will go broke in several decades.

Bipartisanship: The lack of which is the fault of Obama, and not the people who refused to compromise, on anything, with him for the past three years and declared that making him "an one-term president" was their greatest aim.

Business Investment: The button's right next to the one marked "Consumer Confidence"! Are you blind?!

Gov't Transparency: Hey! Even a stopped clock is right twice a day. But it's an awfully goo-goo, lefty complaint for Varvel.

Religious Liberty: Yes, all Americans have been forced to join the official government religion, and are not allowed to follow their own consciences anymore.

Oil Production on Federal Land: Total oil production is up (way up), and federal land under lease for oil drilling is also up. But the total barrels drilled on federal land is down very slightly from its peak...in 2010, under Obama.

After all that, I don't have any energy to complain about this flat, dull cartoon as a cartoon -- it's really just a list of partisan talking points, without any serious artistic, comedic, or other input from Varvel.

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