Apr 16, 2011

Do You Like Scary Taxes?

Jeff Stahler, 3/14/11:
They say that we get the government we deserve, so a people that equates paying taxes at all with being slaughtered by a serial killer -- as seen in this cartoon as well as one by Milt Priggee  -- is clearly doomed to have eternal budget battles because we just can't manage to fund the stuff we want to do entirely by taking money from other people.

In other taxes-are-hell news, Joe Heller at least makes it a gas prices joke, which isn't original but is at least distinctive. And John Cole misses the movie reference, but has the same attitude: it's better to die than to pay taxes. John R. Rose goes with the time-tested "death and taxes" reference, and is yet another cartoonist who can't pass up a chance to drawn the Grim Reaper.

But, guys, pssst! Tax Day isn't actually until Monday this year.


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  1. I'd just like to point out that it's not "scream 4". It's "Scre4m" or "screfourm".


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