May 14, 2011

Choose Your Own Meaning Comics

Henry Payne, 5/13/11:
This is the rare editorial cartoon that needs more labels. Clearly, the dog is the US armed forces -- or maybe the SEALS specifically, or maybe the US in general...

Wait, let me start again. The red-headed boy must be

Look, somebody wants somebody else to go get terrorists...unless that's meant to be a distraction from something else that Payne didn't specify.

It's a lovely loose, flowing drawing, though, especially on that dog -- there's nobody on the scene today who can touch Payne when it comes to drawing dogs.


  1. Jeez, Google ravaged this place. Instead of squashing the bug in the house it looks like they squashed the house to get the bug. This is a metaphor for something. Maybe Obamacare? Yeah, that works. Maybe a bit understated.

    This cartoon might just be about a kid incorporating current events into his life- not really a metaphor.

  2. Gasp! My genuinely witty retorts to your objectively bland retorts to my comment on your comment IS GONE?! History has no record? This is like the the burning of the ancient Library of Alexandria, except worse. Again, maybe a bit understated, but you get the significance.


  3. There was a dog on the Seal Team and a bit of a fuss made over the fact. Maybe he's taking a stab at hinting that All American Boys and their all American Mutts now want to grow up and be Big Damn Heroes who kill terrorists?

    Well, that's as close as I could come, anyway.

  4. Oh, yeah, there was a dog on the raid.

    Duh, obvious now.

    Explainer? You're fired. Penelope, you're hired.


  5. Anonymous: So the joke is just that the SEAL team that popped bin Laden had a dog along for the ride?

    Hm, I'm still holding out for an elaborate metaphor, presumably based on that SEAL team and their dog; that alternative possibility looks pretty lame to me.

  6. No metaphor, Penelope got it. Kid wants his dog to do dog tricks including the newest trick: nabbing terrorists. Not bad, kind of cute, lite, no big message.

    They should attach laser beams to their frickin heads.



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