May 21, 2011

In this Cartoon, the Unseen Housekeeper Represents the Downtrodden Third World

Ted Rall, 5/20/11:
When in doubt, a good ol' "bankers are evil" joke will slay the crowd everytime.

Extra points if the banker in question is French and heads an organization lefties keep wishing would just give money away instead of selfishly asking for it to be repaid all the time.

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  1. IMF critics don't expect rich countries to give money away to poor ones. Heaven forbid!

    They think it's a tad gauche of the IMF to tell Third World countries to buy crap they don't need--dams that cause floods, etc.--from IMF-connected contractors by borrowing from that must be repaid by cutting spending on stuff people need, like health clinics.


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