May 20, 2011

Swap Meet

Clay Jones, 5/18/11:
Which is creepier: the doll-sized, dead-eyed Obama wielded as the living embodiment of "Romneycare," or the Quasimodo-esque Gingrich toting around three red-lipped bimbos wives?

Or is that a question like "Would you prefer to be strangled, or shot in the head?"


  1. Oh no! Editorial Explanations got me again!!!

  2. Strangled or shot in the head? That's an easy choice.

    A more difficult choice: Would you rather read Wheeler's poorly crafted metaphors or his cliche soaked come-backs?

    Actually, strangled or shot might not be as obvious a choice as I assume. David Carradine might choose the former over the later.


  3. I actually enjoy Wheeler's focus on editorial cartooning and believe this site is beneficial to cartooning. I hope he keeps it going for a very long time, even if he has to pick on me now and then.
    I'm a fan.

  4. And we all can decide whose opinions we want to judge more highly -- I, personally, prefer those who use their real names.

    (On the other hand, it's nice to see Editorial Explanations has grown up enough to have its very own troll -- on the Internet, that's a sign that you're doing something right.)

  5. I'm a troll? I'm moving up in the world.

    I obviously like Wheeler's site. He's also capable of taking some crap once in a while.

    Lovesandhugs is my maiden name.


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