May 28, 2011

Oh, Mama, Mama Look There!

Chuck Asay, 5/27/11:
Remember, any two things make a cartoon. If they have a word in common, even better!

Pointing out that the federal money is available because Florida's governor decided he really didn't want high-tech investment and its messy high-paid jobs in his state, or that California has had many years to build more jails to house all of the people it wants to lock up...well, that would just be petty, wouldn't it?

Remember: government is the problem. Left to themselves, the people will spontaneously create free-market bullet trains and prisons!


  1. Remember, everyone who has been in a prison has killed somebody, and is more than willing to do it again, even seconds after release, right in front of a cop, for no obvious reason.

    The juxtaposition might have also worked better if both "victims" were in the same spot and position in each panel, not shot lady and moneybags Mitt Romney.

  2. Taquelli: I agree with you -- except that I think the moneybags guy is meant to be Ray LaHood,the Transportation Secretary, and not Romney, who has no obvious connection to the bullet train funds.

    Come to think of it: Given that the guy's name is "LaHood," how hard would it have been for Asay to have worked up a Robin Hood metaphor for him -- especially if his point is to emphasize "stealing" funding for something he thinks is useless? More lost opportunities for the nation's editorial cartoonists.


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