May 23, 2011

"[In a] Jam" Would Also Have Been Acceptable

John Deering, 5/21/11:
Normally, I would lead off with an insult about Akansans -- Deering cartoons for the Democrat-Gazette, out of Little Rock -- but, instead, I'll just stand in awe of one of the most subtle cartoons I've seen in a while, one which assumes the reader already knows:
1) Nicholas Sarkozy is the current President of France
2) Sarkozy's wife is the former singer Carla Bruni
3) Sarkozy is head of the French right-wing party UMP
4) The next French Presidential election is on April 22, 2012
5) Sarkozy's expected strongest opponent in that election, from the Socialist party, would have been Dominique Strauss-Kahn
Mais oui!


  1. Why is number 2 necessary? 3 and 4 are not necessary to understand the cartoon.

    Still, you're right. Deering, in this cartoon, does expect the reader to know more than what the average joe might. But the average joe doesn't read the editorial page. Congratulation to Deering for not dumbing things down.

  2. ^lovesandhugs


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