Sep 30, 2013

Note the Subtle Dig at Tiny, Underpowered Euro-cars

Henry Payne, 9/27/13:
Europe is utterly innocent of unions and worker requirements, which are purely an American phenomenon. Italy in particular does not have the highest number of trade unionists of any EU country.

Sep 27, 2013

Hey! It's Malcolm's Dad!

Ken Catalino, 9/26/13:
Guaranteed health care is exactly like a criminal drug gang. (Or maybe a critically-acclaimed TV show?)

And the ways that they are alike are so obvious that Catalino doesn't need to explain them.

Or Is He Talking About His Teenage Son?

Joseph Rollins, 9/26/13:
I know! It's almost like "they" can only find things that actually exist!

How crazy is that!?

Sep 23, 2013

Don't Fish Usually DIE When You Over-Feed Them That Much?

Lisa Benson, 9/20/13:
I have to admit, I didn't expect to:

a) agree with Lisa Benson on a substantial criticism of Obama

b) see Benson complain that Obama's policies primarily benefit people who are going to vote Republican anyway.

Sep 20, 2013

Why Do We Have to MAKE LAWS, Anyway?!

A.F. Branco, 9/19/13:
Every law or ruling vaguely on the same subject is exactly the same as all the rest of the laws on the same subject.

This is why the tax code of today is exactly the same as the 1940s top rate of 90%, and why the government budget is precisely the same today as it ever was, and why all laws are exactly the same in every state and town in the country.

Or, just maybe, Branco is talking out of his ass here.

Honored in the Breach

Tim Campbell, 9/19/13:
There's some magical, unspecified way that gun-control laws are different from every other kind of law, and so they can only work if no one ever tries to break them.

If this thinking applied to "Thou shalt not commit murder," we'd all be free to kill anyone we wanted.

The Shadow Boys Are Breaking All the Laws

Signe Wilkinson, 9/19/13:
There is something that Obama can do single-handedly to stop mass killings immediately, but the margin of this cartoon is too small to contain it.

Evil Is the Name of My Robe

Lisa Benson, 9/19/13:
Strict gun laws don't actually stop murderers from bringing in guns from nearby jurisdictions with much looser laws, so obviously we need strict federal regulations on guns to be applied uniformly across the country to stop such events from happening over and over again.

Do you think Benson meant to say that?

Sep 19, 2013

The Only Thing That Stops a Bad Guy With a Gun Is Running Out of Ammo

Mike Lester, 9/18/13:
So...we need even stronger gun control legislation than has yet been proposed, to limit not just assault weapons and handguns, but also shotguns?

I'd go for it, but somehow I don't think Lester meant to say that.

Let's All Be Sad But Not Do Anything Until the Next Mass Shooting, When We Can Be Sad Again

John R. Rose, 9/18/13:
The U.S. Navy was saddened into existence recently, which came a shock to those of us who thought it had been around since 1775.

There She Is....

Deb Milbrath, 9/18/13:
I don't think Milbrath meant to imply that Obama personally fixed the Miss America pageant (to let the dark-skinned woman win, presumably) nor that he fakes his birth certificate...but she just did both those things.

Sep 16, 2013

Attack of the Tiny Lettering!

Drew Sheneman, 9/13/13:
Hey! Those GOP primary voters in 2016 need to have representation, too!

Opening Day at the Carpet Store

Michael Ramirez, 9/13/13:
A professional US diplomat's death is worth 1500x as much as an ordinary American's -- it's simple math. (3k dead on 9/11 = 2 spotlights; 4 dead in Benghazi = 4 spotlights)

Why does Ramirez treacherously believe government leeches are better than hard-working regular private-sector taxpayers?

Sep 13, 2013

It Happened One Night?

Jim Morin, 9/12/13:
Absolutely! Why is no one talking about our own homegrown rebel forces, which have conquered much of the country and include radical al-Qaeda elements, forcing our own tyrannical Western-backed dictator to use chemical weapons on thousands of Americans!

Or, um, what the hell does Morin really mean here?

There Was SOMETHING I Had To Do Today....Now What WAS It?

Charlie Daniel, 9/12/13:
Sure looks like someone forgot to draw a 9-11 cartoon for 9-11, don't it!

But that's OK -- we want to wallow in our misery endlessly, so we'll never change the calendar, ever again!

Sep 12, 2013

What Does the Other Gun Represent?

Gary Varvel, 9/11/13:
Having 3000+ of your fellow citizens killed makes you stronger.

Gosh, Iraq must be about the strongest country on earth right now.

Sep 9, 2013

All THOSE PEOPLE Are Inherently Violent, Right?

Paul Szep, 9/6/13:
I can't decide if this is more offensive to Muslims -- implying theirs is a "caveman" religion -- or to Christians, for implying that Islam is several thousand years older than Christianity.

An impressive feat.

Not to Mention a Pretty Creepy View of Sexuality

A.F. Branco, 9/6/13:
Any Republican -- even the oldest, most respected and mature statesman in the Senate -- who agree with Obama on anything, ever, is nothing better than an empty-headed teenage girl.

Let's see, that's sexist, ageist in both directions, and nearly Maoist in its hatred and fear of ideological deviation. I do believe we have bingo.

The Obligatory "Nasty Person in Hell" Cartoon of the Week

Darryl Barksdale, 9/6/13:
Yes, he did just insinuate that both long-term kidnapping/sexual slavery and eternal damnation are akin to consensual BDSM.

Nice to know some things never change.

Four WHOLE Dollars! That's Nearly HALF of the Current Minimum Wage!

Don Landgren, Jr., 9/6/13:
News Item: when you're old and out of touch, the prices of ordinary things are surprising and shocking.

"Over two dollars for milk?! Why, I remember when it was a nickel!"

Sep 6, 2013

The Interest of the Biggest Weapons Dealer

Joel Pett, 9/6/13:
It is clearly in our national interest to intervene in every single nation where people are being killed.

Well, killed systematically.

OK, killed systematically by a government we now don't like.

All right, killed systematically by a government we now don't like using weapons we specifically told them not to use after we sold them.

Clear now?

Sep 5, 2013

Come In! It's Broken!

Dave Granlund, 9/4/13:
I have the vague sense this is a reference to something I just don't recognize -- maybe the debate about gun owner's signs? (Or that one guy who posted the sign saying "rob my neighbor, he's unarmed?")

In any case: yes, that would be a good way to invite thieves, should you want to do that.

Sep 2, 2013

They're Just Stupid Jocks, Right? They Don't NEED Brains!

Mike Lester, 8/30/13:
Businesses have some other source of income aside from their customers, and they can dip into that pool of money to cover major expenditures.

Funny, I'm sure Lester has done strong cartoons ripping into liberals who believe exactly that.

Every single cent that any business, anywhere in the world, has to spend on anything came from its "fans" -- its customers.

What This Country Needs Is a Good MAXIMUM Wage

Terry Wise, 8/30/13:
Fast-food employees are working their dream jobs -- they all want to slave over the fryolator their entire lives, and so we can happily leave them there.

Starchair Enterpoop Flies Again!

Lisa Benson, 8/30/13:
Which part of "you've already spent the money, and now you need to pay your bill" don't you understand?

And what part of "the debt limit is a bogus artificial mechanism that countries with constitutions less than 200 years old don't have, and which only causes needless trouble and downgrades to our government's borrowing power" is unclear?

Today's Meeting of the Trilateral Commission Brought to You By....

Darryl Barksdale, 8/30/13:
International diplomacy is a mere sham -- our supposedly "elected" political leaders are actually a sinister transnational cabal that secretly decides all world events in concert and only pretend to be in conflict with each other to fleece the general public and maintain their ultimate power.

Or, y'know, Barksdale could be trying to imply that Obama is a Commie and forgot that Putin isn't.